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Its been a while since I wrote. The whole week has been hectic here at work. Can’t wait for friday already!

Anyhoo, is offering free online photographic lessons for the feeble hands like me. These lessons are divided in to 10 chapters covering everything from aperture to zoom with each chapter presented with loads of sample photos and assignment. The course seems to be a bit outdated, but still an excellent introduction to digital photography.

I suck big time at taking photos at aperture mode. All I know how to take a good photo is through the “auto” mode in my digital camera, sigh. I’ve been wanting to learn how to take professional looking images myself for quite some time. Well, maybe I’ll learn from these lessons since they are “free”. Who knows?


Pokkiri – Potpourri at its best!

Whew! Just finished watching it. I should say it was entertaining, couldn’t fall asleep or walk away, though in some some boring song sequences I had to. But overall, the film turns out to be a successful remake sporting Vijay in the exact same role that all his fans have come to expect from him or rather love watching him perform and nonethless the film has all the essential and usual “Vijay-istic” elements – the punch dialogues, fast action and romance, to remake a successful block-buster into an equally good one.


I haven’t seen the original Mahesh Babu flick (of the same name) yet, so can’t really make an apples to apples comparison but I read somewhere that Vijay insisted that he does a remake of that. And I believe in my opinion, he did a good job and the role fits him well. Asin, Vadivelu and the rest of the crew don’t entertain much apart from their usual performances. And as far as the direction goes, Prabhu Deva has done a decent job considering the fact this is his debut in directing and the screenplay could have been better. The music is so-so and I could’t seem to recall any number after I watched the movie, except for that mimic of the popular old song – “Vasantha mullai polae”.

I vividly remember how Vijay flicks used to perform while I was in Chennai and can’t forget the huge fanfare they used to create when they were screened, especially at the Prarthana drive-in along the ECR, an area with a dense concentration of Vijay fans. No doubt, ECR will abuzz with the same loyal fans now that Pokkiri is screened there.

In summary, it was a Vijay film that I enjoyed watching after a while and I don’t miss the 2+ hours that I spent watching it.

The “Wow” starts now!

Now that Vista is around the corner, I thought it’d be cool to point you guys to an article at Extremetech which focuses on how to seamlessly upgrade to Vista if you have Windows XP on your PC.

I’ve been wanting to take this sucker out for a test drive myself and find out what the ruckus is all about with this sleek looking MacOS wannabe. Believe it or not, the early reviews are in and all the hype seems to be holding out true so far. Hmm, it better be good for all the years it took (nearly 5 years!) to roll out.

You might want to take it out for a test drive too WITHOUT installing anything on your PC at this Microsoft Virtual Labs site. This is a neat way to get familiar with the look and feel of the new OS, if you plan to become an early adopter.

Zamzar – Free online file conversion

Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software ? Now you can with Zamzar!

Zamzar – funny name, but looks like it will be one heck of an useful site for folks who don’t want to hassle with converting a file from one format to another format. Ever wondered how to get those DivX or your old AVI movies to your iPod without having to convert them yourself? Then, take a look at this site. You may find it useful.

You can find more about the allowed file conversions here.

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Netflix launches “Watch Now” feature

Netflix today announced a feature that could enable its customers to instantly download and watch movies on their PCs. The movie rental industry is undergoing some phenomenal changes with respect to content delivery as the business model changes from renting to on-demand digital video delivery.

Netflix faces tough competition from its arch-rival Blockbuster which has recently snatched a fair amount of market share from Netflix, thanks due to its “Total Access” plan. The new video-on demand plan from Netflix is nothing new as it resembles Amazon’s Unbox Video downloads which debuted last year only to find out that it was an utter flop, the reason being their “not-so-user-friendly” terms of service.

I once used to be a Netflix subscriber for about 6 months till I happened to fall as a victim to their infamous throttling and decided to take my business elsewhere and ever since I am a happy camper with Blockbuster online.

However, this feature is a good welcome change from Netflix as it is sort of like a “Pay-per-view’ type and they can’t throttle as they did before. Whatever it is, it remains to be seen as to how this model gets reception from its customer base, given the fact that there are still a lot of unhappy Netflix customers.

7 Essential WordPress hacks

Tubetorial has this interesting article on some of the essential WordPress hacks a WordPress blogger should know about.

This video series highlights 7 of the most important tweaks and plugins that any WordPress user should know about.

  1. How to Get More Search Engine Traffic With One Simple Tweak
  2. How to Make More Money With AdSense
  3. Feedvertising: Make Money With Your RSS Feed
  4. More Feedback, Less Spam: WordPress Contact Form Plugin
  5. How to Increase Comments and Page Views With One Quick and Easy Plugin
  6. How to Stop Comment Spam without Lifting a Finger
  7. Back Up Your Blog or Risk Losing It All

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RSI – be gone!

For all of you workaholics out there, who won’t break a sweat about RSI (repetitive strain injury), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and such, give it a break and heed to Mr.Workrave, before its too late.

“Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts you to your daily limit. Please refer to the feature comparison for a complete list of features, and how the program performs with respect to other programs on the market. The program runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. ”

Download the free version here and happy computing!