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Zweitgeist – spooky little thang!

What if there is some little window that lets you see where your buddies are right now on the internet? And what if there is something that reveals other people that are doing the same activities as you on the internet? Spooky, isn’t it? Well, Zweitgeist does exactly the same thing. Its a cute little Firefox extension that reveals other people using the same website as you among other things. It shows you where your friends are while it allows them to communicate with you while you are browsing.


“Zweitgeist is our alter ego, our virtual presence on the internet. Zweitgeist is what makes people visible on the internet. With zweitgeist people who are on the same webpage can see and communicate with each other.

In the real world we see people where ever we go: at the bus stop, at school, in the work place, int the shopping mall, at the gym. If we want, can contact them. When we are surfing the Web, there are many other people on the same website at the same time as us. Unfortunately they have been invisible until now. Zweitgeist give us the opportunity to make ourselves and others visible even beyond single web sites” – Zweitgeist

You can choose an appropriate figure (a zweitgeist character like the above) that looks like you , or looks how you would like to appear. And best of all, zweitgeist is free !

If you really dig the concept, I encourage you to visit the Virtual Presence website that lists many more Web 2.0 applications/extensions like Zweitergist that specializes in “social browsing”. Check it out.