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Tamil “Hulk”

Whoa! Saw the ads for the upcoming Raj kiran flick “Muni” on Indiaglitz and I liked this one better. Geez, look at all that meat! Eww, its gross but still Raj Kiran looks like a Hulk in that black outfit, don’t he? Its been a long time since we saw him perform his unique stunts in a movie. Its gonna be interesting to watch him nonetheless.


Pokkiri – Potpourri at its best!

Whew! Just finished watching it. I should say it was entertaining, couldn’t fall asleep or walk away, though in some some boring song sequences I had to. But overall, the film turns out to be a successful remake sporting Vijay in the exact same role that all his fans have come to expect from him or rather love watching him perform and nonethless the film has all the essential and usual “Vijay-istic” elements – the punch dialogues, fast action and romance, to remake a successful block-buster into an equally good one.


I haven’t seen the original Mahesh Babu flick (of the same name) yet, so can’t really make an apples to apples comparison but I read somewhere that Vijay insisted that he does a remake of that. And I believe in my opinion, he did a good job and the role fits him well. Asin, Vadivelu and the rest of the crew don’t entertain much apart from their usual performances. And as far as the direction goes, Prabhu Deva has done a decent job considering the fact this is his debut in directing and the screenplay could have been better. The music is so-so and I could’t seem to recall any number after I watched the movie, except for that mimic of the popular old song – “Vasantha mullai polae”.

I vividly remember how Vijay flicks used to perform while I was in Chennai and can’t forget the huge fanfare they used to create when they were screened, especially at the Prarthana drive-in along the ECR, an area with a dense concentration of Vijay fans. No doubt, ECR will abuzz with the same loyal fans now that Pokkiri is screened there.

In summary, it was a Vijay film that I enjoyed watching after a while and I don’t miss the 2+ hours that I spent watching it.

Happy Pongal!

Wish you all a very happy Pongal 2007 !! Hope you all had a good time celebrating it.
Its that time of the year for movie buffs who like to watch Pongal releases worth their time , buzzwords I hear are Pokkiri and Azhwar.

Any heads up on how they are? Whatever it is, actress “A-sin” (Without blemish – pure: source: Wiki trivia) is having a roll with 2 flicks coming up this festival season. Good luck to her!