Mediamax – 25 GB of free online storage

Its been a while since I wrote. Things have been pretty hectic at my end lately. Anyway, just tumbled across this cool new website that gives you 25 GB of free space to save all of your photos, videos and media files. Thought you might find it useful. Check it out.

“MediaMax provides not only raw file storage that’s accessible from any PC, but also file sharing and hosting, MP3 streaming and backup/sync software. Of course, the real highlight is the amount of storage–five times what you get from services like XDrive. However, you’re limited to 1GB’ worth of downloads per month, and the maximum file size is 25MB. Upgrading to a paid MediaMax account (starting at $4.95/month) raises or eliminates these kinds of restrictions. But you don’t even need a credit card to sign up for a free account–just a username and password.” – Lifehacker review

19 responses to “Mediamax – 25 GB of free online storage

  1. Mediamax – 25 GB of free online storage

    Ya Mohan this website is more useful for me.


  2. No problem, Mujib… Glad I could help 🙂


  3. has anyone seen the new game copy pro software package they just came out with.
    looks like it can copy ps2 games. has anyone used it before?

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