Ready, Set, Click!

Its been a while since I wrote. The whole week has been hectic here at work. Can’t wait for friday already!

Anyhoo, is offering free online photographic lessons for the feeble hands like me. These lessons are divided in to 10 chapters covering everything from aperture to zoom with each chapter presented with loads of sample photos and assignment. The course seems to be a bit outdated, but still an excellent introduction to digital photography.

I suck big time at taking photos at aperture mode. All I know how to take a good photo is through the “auto” mode in my digital camera, sigh. I’ve been wanting to learn how to take professional looking images myself for quite some time. Well, maybe I’ll learn from these lessons since they are “free”. Who knows?


2 responses to “Ready, Set, Click!

  1. Good tutorial. Thanks!

  2. We searched and looked for professional portraits for our daughter’s graduation portraits and came across the most beautiful senior portraits from a studio in San Antonio. The quality was wonderful and the prices were not outrageous.

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