Netflix launches “Watch Now” feature

Netflix today announced a feature that could enable its customers to instantly download and watch movies on their PCs. The movie rental industry is undergoing some phenomenal changes with respect to content delivery as the business model changes from renting to on-demand digital video delivery.

Netflix faces tough competition from its arch-rival Blockbuster which has recently snatched a fair amount of market share from Netflix, thanks due to its “Total Access” plan. The new video-on demand plan from Netflix is nothing new as it resembles Amazon’s Unbox Video downloads which debuted last year only to find out that it was an utter flop, the reason being their “not-so-user-friendly” terms of service.

I once used to be a Netflix subscriber for about 6 months till I happened to fall as a victim to their infamous throttling and decided to take my business elsewhere and ever since I am a happy camper with Blockbuster online.

However, this feature is a good welcome change from Netflix as it is sort of like a “Pay-per-view’ type and they can’t throttle as they did before. Whatever it is, it remains to be seen as to how this model gets reception from its customer base, given the fact that there are still a lot of unhappy Netflix customers.


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