Just catching up!

Hey guys!

This is Mohan catching up with you. I thought I’ll finally blog some here and some there. I’ll try to post as and when interesting things come up !

Keep visiting and better yet if you haven’t got a WordPress blog yet, sign up for one and start blogging !!
Its way cooler than other blog sites like blogger, Movable Type etc.

Peace out,


6 responses to “Just catching up!

  1. Hi Mohan,

    Nice to see your cooler blog site.
    i hope now you cannot delete the messages in blog as like mails.
    Happy pongal too…


  2. Hey Mujib, Thanks!! Hope you are doing good. No, I can delete the messages here but I won’t, atleast I had hidden the Delete buttons somewhere deep 🙂

  3. Hey Man – It’s unbelievable… Is it really MOHAN? Fentastic, Good start. So, we can have constant touch with mohan.

  4. Hey Anees!!

    I know, its REALLY not like myself 🙂

    But things change for good. So did I. Whatever it is, I’m back and thats what matters and lets be in touch from now on. What say you?

    Btw, when are you coming here, man? Its like almost a decade since I saw you. Take care and keep in touch.


  5. Hi Mohan,

    How are you?

    every time we exchange emails i can never stop thinking about how enjoyable our working environment at esource technology once.
    All that fun, self time settings to go for tea and dhum.

    And how enjoyable our stay together at Thiruvanmiur. How we spent time at the beach.

    Its all unforgetable sweet memories.


  6. Hey Mujib,

    I’m doing good. How are you?

    Wow, I am so happy that even after these many years, you still have all those unforgettable memories intact. Thanks for reminding them, Mujib.

    True. Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, I used to think about all the fun that we had together at Tiruvanmiyur and I’ll get energized and go back to normal again. Priceless moments of pure, self-less friendship. I’m proud to have had myself associated with you guys, especially with you!

    Keep in touch.


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